5 Powerful Facebook Features Most Businesses Are Missing Out On

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Most of us use Facebook the same way every time we log in. We scroll, engage, and create new posts for our fans—unaware that behind the scenes at Facebook HQ, new features are rolled out regularly that are designed to deepen your experience with the social platform.

Unless you follow Facebook updates on a consistent basis, you are likely to miss the latest features that can save your business time and money. To keep you in the loop, we have narrowed down five of the most powerful Facebook
features for business you may be missing out on.

1. Facebook Custom Tabs

Did you know that you have some control over your Facebook tabs? Tabs are the links that run down the left-hand column of your business’s Facebook page.

They usually include things to help you learn more about the page you are on, like your Timeline, About, and Posts. While there are some mandatory tabs, Facebook has also given you the ability to create your own customized tabs.

Below is an example of a page that is taking advantage of custom tabs. The account owner has created links to her other assets, such as her website, other social channels, and even an email sign up. This makes it easy for visitors to get the information they are looking for.

The ease of setting up custom tabs depends on your web-development skill level. Facebook has made it relativity simple using their app tool, but there are still some cases where you may need to consult your web team to set things up correctly. For a detailed outline of how to create your first custom tab, visit HubSpot’s tutorial.

2. Simplify Facebook Contests

Have you considered running contests to help spread awareness of your page? If so, then you know that keeping track of entries and choosing a winner can take a chunk of time out of your day.

 Agro Pulse offers a free Facebook integration option that manages your contests for you, making it easy to create, monitor, and select a winner. You can even choose from several different types of contests to create, including sweepstakes, quizzes, and photo contests.

3. Keep an Eye on Your Competition with Facebook’s ‘Pages to Watch’

If your business page has 100+ followers, you will have access to a feature called ‘Pages to Watch’. Here you will be able to select Facebook accounts to monitor and follow to make informed decisions about your own posting schedule and content.

 Note: You don’t have to “like” the page to get this information. You just have to select it as a page to watch.

To get started, click on the ‘Add Pages’ button and select five pages that you would like to keep an eye on. These can be competitors or other people in your industry. Facebook will compile a list of each of your watched pages’ top posts and share them with you.

 You can use this information to adjust your posting content and schedule, see what is working or not working for your competitors, and gain a competitive advantage on Facebook. And the best part—it is valuable data that you can collect secretly for free!

4. Organic Post Audience Targeting

By now, most of us are aware of the significant targeting features that are available when paying for Facebook ads. The ability to choose your ideal audience and send targeted messages is powerful. But not many know that you have similar abilities with your organic posts.

Buried deep in your settings is an option that says ‘Audience Optimization for Posts.’ To turn on this feature, click edit, check the box that says ‘Allow news feed targeting and the ability to restrict the audience for your posts,’ and then save your changes.

 Now, head over to create a post. You will notice at the bottom of the pop up that you can leave your post set to public, select a restricted audience, or choose ‘News Feed Targeting.’ The News Feed Targeting option will allow you to choose your audience based on their interests, demographics, and even location.

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