About Us

We deliver on big picture marketing strategies that enhance customer experiences, increase conversion rates, and inspire brand loyalty.

Nicole Standish

Digital Marketing Director

Nicole is an expert marketer and leader, who dedicates her expertise to helping business owners achieve their goals. Her strengths are in SEO, social media marketing, lead generation, digital engagement and mixing marketing methods to stimulate growth.

Nicole credits her well-rounded marketing skill set to previous leadership roles in the architecture industry and the freedom she was given to explore and implement cutting edge marketing practices.

Ed Knack

Director of Web Development

Ed is a web developer and automation wiz that programs web experiences in HTML, Javascript, Bootstrap, FlexBox, CSS, PHP, AJAX, and JQuery. For several years, he designed, built and managed websites.

Ed is adept in a dynamic range of skills including responsive web design, WordPress, CRM automations, e-mail marketing, and Office 365. Over the past 15+ years, he has designed, developed, and maintained dozens of websites for a variety of businesses in Central New York.

Stephen Knack

Digital Content Director

Stephen is more than just an expert grammarian, he has a way with words and a passion for communication that makes his copy jump off the page. He has a Master’s degree and a degree in linguistics. An excellent speaker and presenter, Stephen tackles every task that is thrown at him with enthusiasm and genuine curiosity.

Stephen writes creative copy and conducts interviews and market research. Content responsibilities include writing customer-centered, concise copy for blog entries, print materials, and web content.