Building Brand Awareness for the GENIUS NY Program

GENIUS NY engaged Brand Experience to build international brand awareness around their business incubator contest, specifically in IoT and Big Data.

Using Facebook ads, our team was asked to create a marketing funnel that helped people submitpreliminary information and thensubesquently apply for the GENIUS NY program.


500 Submissions
350 Applications


410 Submissions
183 Applications

Campaign Data

1.6 Million

Impressions Served


People Reached


Link Clicks


Video Views


Cost Per Action

Campaign Breakdown

Total Budget $2,500
Total Spent: $2,382.35

Top of Funnel: Video Views
(Avg. $.03 per play)

Middle of the Funnel – Retargeting Video Views
(5,942 clicks at $.06 per click

Bottom on the Funnel – Conversion Ad
(50 initiate checkouts at $5.61)

Additional Ads Targeting Lists provided.
(618 link clicks, at .067 per click

Average CPC – $2.52
Average CPM – $11.47
Average CTR – .72%
Average CPA – $18.68

Your Result $.011
Your Result $ 1.47
Your Result .92%
Your Result $.16

Opportunities for Improvement

What do the numbers tell us?

Time and Optimization

The fast paced nature of this campaign meant we were unable to optimize the ads. Optimization takes places over time and allows Facebook to find the right audience for the goals of the campaign.


Targeting consisted of very large audiences across the world. The large audiences allowed the ads to be shown very cost effectively, although with more time, we would have narrowed in on more effective audiences.

Authority and Nurturing

Companies could have benefited from more communication and nurturing in order to feel ready to apply for this life-changing opportunity

Understanding Requirements

We reached our submission goal, but not the application goal. This tells us there was interest, but possibly the wrong people were interested or they did not have the necessary requirements to formally apply.