Hart Rifle Barrels Targets A New Demographic

Sometimes it isn’t easy leaving the past behind. Especially if that past is marked by extraordinary success. But that’s exactly what Hart Rifle Barrels of LaFayette, NY knew they needed to do when they asked us to help them rebuild their brand. They needed to connect with a whole new audience of competitive shooters who were not familiar with their highly-accurate rifle barrels.


ROI in 8 months and counting…



New Keywords on Page 1 of Google

Customer Personas

Creating personas is a discovery exercise that helps designers and marketers empathize with their client’s customers. From the right to bear arms, to a love for the great outdoors, creating personas for Hart helped us walk a mile in their customers’ shoes (er… boots).

Market Research

Hart knew their customer base was shrinking due to lack of interest in benchrest shooting. Our research discovered that the Precision Rifle Series (PRS), on the other hand, was on the rise. Enrolled competitors in the events went from 164 in 2012 to over 2,000 by 2018.


Once we had an understanding of Hart’s target customers, we took aim on designing a strong logo that would revive the brand. Our design team set to distilling their brand essence down to an elegant visual statement that would be legible, dynamic, and flexible. We also refreshed the brand’s typographical styling and created brand guidelines.

e-Commerce Website Design

The online ordering process we developed allows customers to design their own high precision rifle barrel online. Users can specify caliber options, twist rates, contouring, and fluting on their custom order.


Hart needed lots of new copywriting that captured the attention of the reader. With less technical info and more benefits-driven verbiage, we were able to drive home the uniqueness of the Hart product.


We knew professional photography featuring Hart’s products would do quite a bit in showcasing their excellent level of craftsmanship. We got a lot of great images with a simple 1-day photography session. A little bit of Photoshop work added an extra level of shine.

Regular Reports

We don’t see the need for our valued clients to be in the dark about what’s going on with their campaign and marketing strategy. Our monthly reports break down everything we’re doing and everything customers are doing online.

Branded Merchandise & e-Store

It became obvious early on that Hart’s customers are huge fans. So, why not build a merch store with quality branded apparel on-brand with Hart’s high standards of quality? Now that’s thinking outside the box. 

Marketing Automation

We knew that Hart was getting a ton of web traffic to their site, so we added lots of ways for visitors to subscribe to the Hart list. Then we built an e-mail automation with limited time free shipping offers and content that won hearts and encouraged more sales.