How To Build Trust (And Leads) With Content Marketing

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Today’s consumers are savvy online researchers. Gain their trust by providing the answers they’re looking for.

The internet has enabled consumers to make more well-informed purchasing decisions than ever before. They now have access to a wide array of online resources: white papers, infographics, product reviews, vendor websites, testimonials, instructional videos, and more. In many cases, they’ll do a lot of research online before they reach out directly to a business. Businesses who invest in content marketing have the upper hand when it comes to attracting and converting web-savvy shoppers. 

How can you promote your business if consumers prefer to do their own research?

There are two major benefits to investing in advertising: branding and direct response. Although important, branding can be a long process and difficult to accurately track, but response rates, especially online, can be tracked fairly quickly. 

A study by Nielsen Analytic Consulting revealed that the average return on investment for advertising is about 9%. This means that over 90% of an ad spend is wasted on an audience that, for various reasons, is just not interested. Sometimes, as an alternative to a costly advertising campaign, advertisers will turn to content marketing as a way of attracting customers with content tailored to their specific interests.

What is Content Marketing?

Premier marketing automation software Sharpspring’s blog team published an article saying that content marketing is a way of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. It encourages them to come to you, naturally.

With a content marketing strategy, you can turn the online research trend to your advantage. If consumers are increasingly making their buying decisions based on internet research, win them over by providing the relevant online content they’re looking for.

They have questions—give them answers.

A content marketing strategy will draw them into a relationship rather than turn them off with sales-pitch tactics. This is your opportunity to establish a relationship with them by providing answers needed in their decision-making process. Show that you are an expert in your field and are willing to help. You’ll build a positive impression for your brand in the consumer’s mind. Giving a potential customer the answers they’ve been looking for often works better than a sales pitch.

Sharing valuable content online can be the key to establishing a relationship with potential customers, positioning you as the helpful authority that they can trust. When they’re ready to buy, you’ll be on their short list as the go-to expert. Join the ever-increasing number of companies, big and small, who are adopting this powerful method of winning consumers’ trust and, as a result, their business.
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