Marketing Automation Services

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 Providing the Right Information at the Right Time for Higher Conversions

Marketing Automation can enable you to nurture prospects more effectively by providing the personalized, relevant content your potential customer is looking for. Meet them at whatever stage of the buyer’s journey they are in with the content that they need, increasing the chance that they will take the next step.

Learn Specific Information About Your Customer

With the use of online tracking codes and other techniques, visitors to your site can be tracked to determine what brought them there—pay-per-click ads, natural search, social media, or referral sites—as well as a wide variety of information on their behavior on the site. For example, what pages did they visit? How much time did they spend on each page? Are they a new or returning visitor? What links or media did they access? While these data can be compiled as aggregate visitor behavior to find general trends, often it can even be analyzed as individual-visitor behavior as well. Following known users provides valuable clues to what those visitors are interested in and what stage of the sales funnel they are in.

Sending Customers Relevant Content Based on Tracked Behavior

No one likes being spammed with irrelevant email ads. With detailed information about your particular prospects, Marketing Automation can deliver relevant email content based on their tracked behaviors. Specific email content can be sent to specific customers, nudging them to the next stage of the buyer’s journey with additional information or special promotions.

Even after a product or service is purchased, you can maintain the relationship with other promotions and helpful information. For example, you can send emails after a certain period of time to see how the customer likes the product, or to provide information on related products or upgrades to their previous purchases.


A More Efficient Marketing Approach

Inbound Marketing with proper Marketing Automation can be a uniquely engaging, user-friendly form of marketing for your customers, especially compared to traditional marketing methods. Because the internet is so easily accessible, today’s customers are increasingly likely to be searching for specific information on a product or service. Most of the TV ads, direct mail, cold calls, and other traditional marketing messages they encounter in a day are irrelevant to them. Rather than trying to push them into a sale they may not care about with these traditional tactics, draw them in with quality content that you know they will find relevant.

By tailoring your content to their specific needs based on what you have learned about them, you can provide them with the information they are searching for to make informed decisions. With the staggering amount of information to sift through on the internet, customers will appreciate having content that suits them specifically. Inbound Marketing coupled with Marketing Automation lets you engage with today’s buyers with an otherwise impossible level of precision.

Identify Your Highest Performing Campaigns 

Marketing Automation allows you to see specific customers’ journeys through each stage of the marketing and sales process. You can identify which campaigns resulted in the best-qualified leads and the most sales. Knowing which campaigns were the most effective allows you to devote more resources to those types of campaigns in the future, continually tweaking and improving them for maximum results.

If your sales team is directly involved with closing the sale, Marketing Automation can provide them with all the information gathered up to that point. It can also provide your sales team with automated follow-up notifications to make sure that they do not miss important sales follow-ups.

Good Marketing Automaton can drive more quality leads to your business and convert leads into sales by engaging customers with the right content at the right time. If you are not taking advantage of Marketing Automation in your business, you could miss prospects—or lose repeat customers—who otherwise would have been interested your products and services.

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