Microblading by Paula Debuts New Business in Style

Positioning a new business in the beautification industry requires finesse. That’s exactly why Mark and Paula Michael, owners of Microblading by Paula, came to us. With lots of creativity and even more hard work, we were able to help her make her debut with style.


Return On Investment



Qualified Leads in 3 months



Website Traffic Increase




Session Time Increase


It all starts with a logo, but not just any logo. She needed a logo that speaks to the right potential client, in the simplest way possible. Then, copywriting, brochures, and gold foil business cards were also a must. Impossible? Nah.

Web Design

We knew that a unique and beautiful website design was Paula’s opportunity to make a great first impression to prospective customers online. Our goal was to brand her services, build visitor trust, and generate customers who would want to do business with Paula for a lifetime. 


Even a great website is only effective if people visit it. That’s where our Search Engine Optimization skills come in to play. We got Microblading by Paula on Page 1 of Google and significantly increased website traffic. No sweat. Well, maybe a little.

Lead Generation and Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads generated traffic to specially designed squeeze pages, constructed with one goal in mind: Get the lead to schedule a free consultation with Paula. But we didn’t stop there. We also provided consulting and coaching for the sales process.


It became obvious early on that Hart’s customers are huge fans. So, why not build a merch store with quality branded apparel on-brand with Hart’s high standards of quality? Now that’s thinking outside the box. 

Inbound Marketing

We directed and produced more than 20 branded videos wherein Paula answered quick questions frequently asked about microblading. Users could opt-in to see the videos in exchange for e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

Marketing Automation

Once new visitors shared their contact info, Paula’s sales team had phone numbers to call. If the leads didn’t answer their phone, we weren’t worried. We kept all of the leads organized for Paula in a CRM. We followed up with beautifully designed e-mail automations as well as reminder lists for the sales team to follow up on.

We are extremely pleased with Brand Experience’s performance regarding web design, hosting and a myriad of other marketing efforts to place Microblading By Paula at the top of search results. We saw a 200% return on our investment in just 4 months. The team at Brand Experience has been extremely attentive to our needs. Their focus and attention to detail is spot-on. Their sense of urgency has been unparalleled. Microblading By Paula could not have been better served.