Upstate Interactive

Gets A Brand New Website

Designing a website for an amazing team of software engineers is a humbling task. But we think we delivered nicely on a modern design and brand upgrade.
What’s more, the crew over at Upstate Interactive thinks so, too.
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Brand Refresh

We get it. Some businesses (particularly smaller ones) don’t have official brand guidelines documented. But, hey, that’s where we can help! Upstate Interactive wasn’t looking for a whole new brand, but they did want a refreshed look and feel. This project is a great example of including a logo update within the scope of a website redesign.

Website Design

The website we designed for Upstate Interactive is intended for knowledgeable prospects in enterprise companies. The new design has a sophisticated look that intentionally feels more like an interface than a web page…it just makes you want to dive in and create an app! We even followed Upstate Interactive’s Discovery Process, that they use for their clients. It is a truly user-focused process that follows research, rather than assumptions, and it really sets them apart from their competitors.

Target Audience & Market Research

To understand Upstate Interactive’s business, we first conducted research, and then outlined our recommendations for the new branding and design.
A fact-based discussion of their goals, and learning about their clients, helped us put a vision in place that guided the website design and branding.

Content Design

Software is supposed to make our lives easier, right? The team over at Upstate Interactive understands that their job isn’t to merely to write code. It’s to solve problems. These case studies showcase their work in detail, outlining the problems that they have solved for their clients. We were also excited to help them out by designing a presentation document template that maintains the look of their new brand.
Upstate Interactive even wrote a flattering article about their experience collaborating with us. Check it out!

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